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    If you are looking for VR porn for PSVR then checkout Badoink
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    What do you mean?
  3. bmartian

    Big List of VR Porn Sites

    SexBabesVR and 18VR should be on the list
  4. bmartian

    Best VR Porn Videos of 2018

    I enjoyed this one: https://legacy.vrlaid.com/videos/1697
  5. bmartian

    VR Cam Sites?

    It might take a while before any more "VR cam" sites turn up. I've checked out AliceX and it looks just like any other live cam show sites ie. LiveJasmin
  6. bmartian

    New to VR Porn?

    Looks OK. I did take a longer look at the blog as I am interested in setting up one :-)
  7. bmartian

    Non-Porn VR Videos

    Ahaha I don't know any but would love to try horror VR like this one!
  8. bmartian

    free vr porn scenes

    I don't know any VR porn sites that let's you watch the full video for FREE. I mean seriously? Most sites just gives you a snippet, teaser videos that you can check out to see what you're getting. Here are some of the sites where teaser videos are available for download: Virtualrealporn.com, 18vr.com, badoink.com, VRLaid.com, sexbabesvr.com and NaughtyAmerica! :-)
  9. bmartian

    Where's all the Amateur Porn?

    This looks amateurish to me: https://legacy.vrlaid.com/producers/26
  10. bmartian

    New to VR Porn?

    I know. These are the sites I go to most. I stay away from sites where I am getting lots of pop ups.
  11. bmartian

    New to VR Porn?

    Hi, I'm Bryan, I'm new here but not new to VR. I browse through quite a few VR sites like http://badoink.com/videos http://www.18vr.com http://www.vrlaid.com and my favorite http://virtualrealporn.com :-)