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 Terminal18 is an "immersive search engine" dedicated to adult entertainement


Terminal18 Launches Virtual World


A company called Terminal18 decided to design its own alternative to the Metaverse and sell land pretty much to everyone. The first buyers that will be allowed to build their land on the Metaverse are the largest adult entertainment companies, including websites such VRPorn.com, VRBangers.com, and more.

"The future is near, and we are moving the virtual reality technology forward," says Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. "According to Google Trends, currently most of the VR headsets are used to watch VR porn and by creating a Metaverse free for everyone, people will be able to enjoy content of all kinds. It won't only be adult content, but this will be a Metaverse to all different types of needs and personalities—the true definition of freedom. We believe that something like this will explode within a few years and the future is close."

The creators of this virtual world allow their customers to open outlets with a wide variety of services and goods, such as real shoe stores, NFT stores, or sex stores with erotic toys. Abramovich and his company bought a large amount of land and have built one of the largest buildings, where you can walk in, sit down, and watch VR porn content from all their networks. 

"Our Metaverse is not finished yet, but we're working hard with the team to sell more land to other companies and to create a more realistic feel to our virtual world," says Hugo R, who is founder and COO of Terminal18. "Our Metaverse takes the form of a city modeled in 3D, cut into four zones, and subdivided into plots. Each plot corresponds to a unique NFT, giving its holder a deed of ownership that allows him to create their activity, customize their virtual space, as well as offer all types of content, ensure its visibility, and monetize its content in NFT format. We thought about everything and we're glad that despite such a young project, we've been trusted by so many professionals from the adult industry."

Terminal18's Metaverse also has another plus—it's not hard to understand what it's about. This virtual world is nothing less than an immersive search engine in the form of a 3D virtual city. The company's goal is to aggregate all adult industry into a virtual location—divided into several lands of 100m², where brands and creators can set up their shops, business, or activity. So, in other words, right now you could actually call it an immersive version of the Google web browser dedicated to adult entertainment, according to VR Bangers and Terminal18. 

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