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  1. Hello VR Porn Fans! I am pleased to announce that VRPORNFORUM.NET is now in full HTTPS. Thank You, Admin
  2. You can view the new links directory here: http://vrpornforum.net/index.php?/links/ What is it? It's a place where you can submit links for others to view. It automatically creates a screenshot of the site and adds it to the publicly visible directory.
  3. To our users, I have done a complete reload of this site. We moved to a new server, and a newer version of the forum software. Everything is new, which means your old user accounts no longer exist. The old site was being spammed to death and I wasn't able to upgrade the site because of the outdated hosting platform that we were using. If you had an account on the old forum I'd kindly ask that you create a new account here. You will find that this has more features and options, and it's faster. I appreciate your understanding and support. Thank You, - Admin
  4. Welcome to the new site! Please introduce yourself, and let me know if you have any questions.
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