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  1. Definitely looks promising.
  2. WankzVR They have an awesome member forum, always perfect scale and great camera and sex positions. I don't always like their storylines and the order of sex positions, but still one of the best. Good eye contact and immersion overall... But sometimes the setting (i.e. lack of bed) gets in the way of a good scene. CzechVR Technically the best in scale, camera and sex positions, sadly their talent pool is a bit lacking, they need more babes to keep ruling the VR porn world in the future. They were the best from the start, so there's a large back catalog with great scenes. VirtualRealPorn They are experimenting more now and their scenes have improved a lot. Scale is always good, camera positions are getting much better now, the girls are very hot overall. Formally, they only had EU models, but they’ve been shooting USA talents for a while now and a good mix of EU and USA. Not as good as Wankz or Czech yet, but consistent quality and many great girls. They are willing to innovate and to push the VR envelope, and I applaud them for that. Something I like from some of their recent scenes is that a scene takes place in 2 or 3 different places, making it a wholesome experience. These next two studios are wasting their potential and reputation at the moment: BadoinkVR Great girls, but since 2019 many problems with keeping a consistent scale, girls look 110% of natural scale… or even bigger. Camera positions and scale too often ruin a great girl in a great scene, the need to fix this ASAP to stay in the game. The have crossed over to EU models, but somehow their 18VR branch is much better scale and content wise. If they resolved the persistent scaling problems, they would be a big player. However, their camera angles and sex positions are a lot better than say VRBangers. TmwVRnet Many great (Russian) girls that you see nowhere else, or see here first. For the last two years the scale has been great. But for a while every scene was the same and repeating the same mistakes content wise in every scene. This studio had big potential because of their talent pool, but somehow got stuck in a rut. If you never subbed to them there are definitely some gems to find there. Other sites: SexbabesVR Lately they got some praise, but I must say that some of the scenes from about a year ago had some scaling problems with girls looking (slightly) too big and the scale changing between different camera set-ups within one scene. (Similar to Badoink) I watched some trailers from the last year, but that was not enough to say something valid about how the quality is right now. VRbangers I recently got a new sub, but somehow their scenes, camera angles and the limited amount of sex positions never really get me into a scene... There are only a few scenes I like, and that is mostly about the girl and not their production. The main problem is that they are not able to get good camera angles on the sex action. (Often the location plays a part in this because it is not suited to get the girl in the right body position) The percentage of visible penetration in each scene is disappointingly low. They fail on immersion and it feels too much like a copy paste of 2d porn… ignoring the untapped potential of VR porn. I often feel unsatisfied, too bad because they have a lot of great girls. Virtual taboo I never subbed to them because I’m not really into all the taboo storytelling. Last week I checked out some of their new trailers (The 5k version of the new 7K format.) I must say that the clarity and the way the shoot dim environments with clarity and no digital artifacts looks really good. Production wise they seem to take the lead in EU… I wonder how CzechVR and other studios are going to respond. WetVR I only saw two scenes. The scale and camera angles and sex positions looked pretty okay. The one thing that really stood out in a bad way was their really choppy editing. Cutting between different body positions within the same camera set up in a way that breaks the immersion. Source: Credit: https://www.reddit.com/user/JesseJamesJackpot
  3. For more information please visit www.patreon.com/ZnelArts
  4. View trailer here - https://www.wankzvr.com/teacher-s-assistant-5442089 OculusGO trailer -https://www.wankzvr.com/download/5442089-mirror4/trailer/ovr1920high.mp4 Additional Formats - https://www.wankzvr.com/teacher-s-assistant-5442089
  5. vrfan

    Captain Hardcore

    Captain Hardcore V0.4 Out Now! GIF by AntiZero | Gfycat GFYCAT.COM Watch and share Captain Hardcore V0.4 Out Now! GIFs by AntiZero on Gfycat
  6. Do you think that the mass quarantines will result in a renewed interest in the fledgling VR porn industry? More people at home with nothing to do = More people looking for discrete realistic porn.
  7. Website: VR Contents MYHTML5GAME.NET
  8. Except that it still doesn't seem like it's hit mainstream adoption yet. It doesn't even seem to be talked about that often anymore, a few years ago it was supposed to be the "next big thing".
  9. Captain Hardcore: Captain Hardcore – VR Game Download - VR Porn Game - VRPorn.com VRPORN.COM Captain Hardcore – VR Game Download - VR Porn Game - VRPorn.com
  10. Looks promising though there isn't a whole lot at the moment: VR Live Sex Cams with the Best Virtual Reality Porn | Stripchat STRIPCHAT.COM If you crave realism in XXX chat, we have VR porn in our live cams at your disposal 😈 Check out our VR models for some lifelike carnal experiences 🍑
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