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    This was posted on a different site: Hey Guys / Gals, StripzVR was launched exactly 6 months ago today (wow, where did the time go!) and as a treat I'm releasing a FULL video called "Disco Bitch" featuring Jizzles for FREE. It was one of the 1st movies I produced at my friends warehouse and to this day is still one of my favourites. I really need to do some more videos like this in this kinda setting again! I want to thank all the customers over this short period, you've all been amazing! I also welcome any new customers with the same love - If you like V.R please SUPPORT the producers. StripzVR is basically a niche in a niche. Producing is very expensive and I want to still be here in 10 years time producing new & exciting content for no doubt hugely advanced Virtual Reality headsets! 😎 Here's the links to the movies. VERY HIGH QUALITY RIFT / VIVE : 5760x2880 H265 60fps HIGH QUALITY RIFT / GO / VIVE : 4096x2048 H264 60fps VERY HIGH QUALITY GEARVR : 5760x2880 H265 60fps HIGH QUALITY GEARVR : 4096x2048 H264 60fps LOW QUALITY GEARVR : 2880x1440 H264 60fps HIGH QUALITY PLAYSTATION VR : 2880x1440 H264 60fps HIGH QUALITY SMARTPHONE : 2160x1080 H264 60fps LOW QUALITY SMARTPHONE : 1920x960 H264 30fps If you enjoyed the movie you are welcome to visit www.StripzVR.com for more samples, and hope to see you inside the members area. Thanks a lot for your support 👍 Nick - StripzVR.com
  2. vrfan


    This site has some great free content: https://www.stripzvr.com/
  3. vrfan

    Non-Porn VR Videos

    This one is pretty trippy:
  4. vrfan

    Hardcore Pink Game

  5. vrfan

    VR Cam Sites?

    Well let us know if you find any. I think part of the problem is that it's really expensive bandwidth and resources wise, and there just aren't enough people with the technical know how to figure out how it works.
  6. Here's one of my favorites: https://xhamster.com/videos/virtualrealporn-com-the-landlady-soap-opera-8769317
  7. vrfan

    Where's all the Amateur Porn?

    Nice! I'll check those out.
  8. Free 35 minute compilation video with various scenes from Virtual Real Porn. https://virtualrealporn.com/video/virtualrealporn-4th-anniversary-compilation/
  9. vrfan

    Where's all the Amateur Porn?

    Most of the amateur stuff that I've found is on Clips4Sale. I haven't seen many amateur only sites. Here is an example: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/105392/mean-girls-vr
  10. vrfan

    New to VR Porn?

    I use add blocker to catch most of those, but I get where you're coming from.
  11. vrfan

    Cosplay VR Site

    I found this cos play VR Porn site. You can get a 1 day trial for $1. It's got some interesting scenes. https://vrcosplayx.com/cosplaypornvideo/frozen_a_xxx_parody-323876/?aid=114648&vid=323876&sid=frozen_01122018