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  1. LOS ANGELES — Adult virtual reality tech company PVR has named VR pioneer Ela Darling as its Chief Marketing Officer.According to the company, Darling will lead its marketing efforts through media outreach, product marketing, and studio partnership outreach.Darling, a veteran performer and longtime industry advocate, is recognized as a leading voice in the field of VR porn worldwide. She is known for starring as the world’s first VR camgirl on VRTube.xxx, the first VR live webcam platform which she co-created in 2015, as well as spearheading the launch of CAM4VR in 2016. Darling has since given talks about VR porn at conferences all over the world, including a 2016 TEDx talk.“I’m thrilled to join the PVR team as CMO,” Darling declares. “Virtual reality porn is a quickly growing industry and the PVR Iris headset is the clear next step for elevating that experience.”Darling calls Iris a beautiful piece of technology that combines form, aesthetics, and incredible hardware.“As soon as I tried it out, I knew I not only wanted to own the Iris, I also wanted to join the PVR team. It’s the perfect device for watching adult VR content,” Darling explains. “I’m looking forward to the next steps PVR plans to take to continue to revolutionize the field of VR porn.”Darling is already at work directing a short commercial spot to promote the PVR Iris headset and working on studio outreach with VR content producers.“Words can’t describe our excitement about Ela joining us,” says PVR spokesperson Sergey Voronov. “We have been working on virtual reality technology for years wanting to change the whole industry and optimize user experience. With Ela now a part of our team, I’m sure we can push forward most of our plans and bring the VR adult industry into a new era.”PVR emerged in 2018, rolling out an Indiegogo campaign to spark interest in its Iris headset and quickly secured content deals with some of the leading adult VR studios, and set to be the exclusive VR streaming sponsor of the upcoming PornHub Awards.For more information : pvr.fun/iris
  2. Hey guys, We're the team behind PVR IRIS - The next generation of VR adult entertainment.: pvr.fun/iris We launched on Indiegogo last week and we have already hit 54% funded. I wanted to share our project with you, since this is a place for your VR heads to hang out, in the hope that some of you might find it interesting. Our project started by breaking down the process of someone “loving themselves” and created a product that seamlessly fits into the ritual and enhances the experience to levels that you wouldn’t otherwise experience (individually that is). Both hardware and software were built from the ground up specifically for that one purpose in mind, therefore, no other headsets on the market even comes close to paying as much attention to this element. PVR IRIS has higher resolution than other headsets on the market and it’s the lightest All-in-One HMD (head mounted device) and has the ability to link to an array of sex toys. The User Interface was designed in the most innovative way to shorten the amount of time needed for you to begin your “exercise” and thanks to our subscription service you will have plenty of free content from our content studio partners which are all in full length. Think of our Subscription as a bit like Netflix but for VR Porn. To top it all off, we thrive to disrupt the VR Adult Entertainment space, therefore we integrated blockchain into our system to benefit the users as well as our partners in an array of different ways. Our early bird Indiegogo Pricing is 40% OFF Retail and all the backers will get 2 years free subscription that is updated on weekly basis. If this sounds interesting to you, please pay our Indiegogo page a visit, we'd appreciate any support: http://igg.me/at/pvr And if you have any questions, please do ask and I'll do my best to answer. Cheers. PVR Team