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Anyone played 3DXChat yet?

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I came accross this website that has a lot of info about 3DXChat and I decided to give it a go, since i'm always looking for new (adult) games to play with my VR headset.

Gotta say, it's the best VR porn game i've found so far. There's quite a large community, which is nice. Took me some tweaking to get the VR set up right, but its working great now. The nice thing is, you can stay in VR throughout the game. So you can visit locations (bars, clubs, beach locations, yacht setting, etc...) in VR, meet people, go to your/their place and seamlessy continue the VR experience with some virtual sex.

Graphics are pretty good for the genre. 

So, anyone play this yet? Also, if anyone knows of any other adult game that can compete with this one as far as community, graphics and VR integration is concerned, I for sure would love to hear about it!


3DXChat is the single largest and most popular adult-themed MMO in the world. Become a 3DXChat game member and join the fun!
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13.03.2024 в 11:46, ЭммаКлодетт сказала:

Полный обзор о новых играх 


Исследуйте захватывающие лучшие VR-порноигры, такие как VR Ero-Beat, Yiffalicious, XStoryPlayer и Dominatrix Simulator, чтобы получить разнообразные эротические впечатления.



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