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Troubleshooting Oculus Go Double Image


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Wasn't sure if this was better suited here or in the devices forum. Will gladly repost there if necessary.

So I recently bought an Oculus Go. With one or two clips, I've had a near perfect experience that properly blew my mind. There's one studio in particular, Mean Girls VR, that has pretty much my sole attention because they have some of the only foot fetish material I can find, but their previews (take this one for example) don't end up looking right on the Go, even after trying to fine-tune with the impressive Skybox options. The two images don't quite line up and end up creating a dizzying double image. From what I can tell, the large gap in the middle of the two sides of the video is the culprit. Is there something I can do about this, or are these not made to be viewed on the Go? And if so, other than Czech VR, does anyone know of other quality foot fetish VR content?


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