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How to enable mouse/keyboard navigation?


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I have a G2 but I never bothered to get hand controllers for it (don't need them for the type of gaming I normally do). The problem is alot of players seems to be built on the assumption they should  only be controlled from hand controllers, and have poor mouse/keyboard supprt.

As an example: Alot of VR porn sites seems to use the "Delight XR" VR-enabled media player. When I use it I do get a cursor (a circle) that can be pointed by head movement but, for some reason, it doesn't react to mouse clicks. For a few days the cursor/circle supported a time-out based hands free mechanism (pretty good for porn consumption). I just pointed at the menu/control element and waited for, like, a second or two and then the cursor got triggered. This no longer works and I have no clue how to activate that again.

I'm running WMR as I have not found a way to use SteamVR without controllers.

Anyone else that have the same issues?

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