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3DXChat - One of the best adult games!


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I personally LOVE 3DXChat, have been playing it for several months now. 

Graphics are great for this type of game (i've tried several other games and 3DXChat definitely has the best graphics). Its very easy to find sex partners, and people are generally pretty laid back (no pun intended).


It's even better with VR and sex toys, which are both compatible with the game.

My username is BambolaLugo, in case anyone wants to look me up in-game. You can find a full review here; in cqse you still need to be convinded:


3DXChat is the single largest and most popular adult-themed MMO in the world. Become a 3DXChat game member and join the fun!

See you there? ;)


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Gotta love 3DXChat, I've got the Meta 2 headset and it's fully compatible and easy to set up.

I recently 'graduated' to 3DXChat. Used to be a Yareel player (https://www.yareelgame.com/ for those who don't know it, it's a multiplayer chat and sex game for android but sadly, doesnt support VR) but 3DXChat is much much better, for the amazing graphics alone!

PS the game is also compatible with some sex toys like Lovense, in combination with VR this makes for maximum immersion!



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