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  1. pornjack

    free vr porn scenes

    Hi Paola, I think on the oculus is even better. Too bad about the cable, it kinda gets in the way. But oculus is planing to launch a wifi one. so that will be cool. Anyway you can check more porn videos here VRPornJack
  2. pornjack

    New to VR Porn?

    You can also check VRPornJack I want it to have the latest vr porn from many studios
  3. pornjack

    VR Cam Sites?

    Let me know when you do. There are not many site that provide vr cams
  4. pornjack

    Is VR dead?

    Of course its not dead :)) Oculus is launching like 2 new headsets next year...
  5. pornjack

    VRCosplay Videos

    Some stuff I like would be VR Porn like this. VR is really the best medium for this kind of videos. Its like im there... Check it here vrpornjack - Game of Thrones Cosplay
  6. pornjack


    Hi For the past weeks I have been working on this website VRPornJack Right now you can find mostly trailers from a few studios. However Im adding material every day. Soon I will also add full length videos, just need to find a better hosting option. Reviews are welcome! Thank you!