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This was posted on a different site:

Hey Guys / Gals, StripzVR was launched exactly 6 months ago today (wow, where did the time go!) and as a treat I'm releasing a FULL video called "Disco Bitch" featuring Jizzles for FREE. It was one of the 1st movies I produced at my friends warehouse and to this day is still one of my favourites. I really need to do some more videos like this in this kinda setting again!

I want to thank all the customers over this short period, you've all been amazing! I also welcome any new customers with the same love - If you like V.R please SUPPORT the producers. StripzVR is basically a niche in a niche. Producing is very expensive and I want to still be here in 10 years time producing new & exciting content for no doubt hugely advanced Virtual Reality headsets! ?

Here's the links to the movies.

VERY HIGH QUALITY RIFT / VIVE : 5760x2880 H265 60fps

HIGH QUALITY RIFT / GO / VIVE : 4096x2048 H264 60fps

VERY HIGH QUALITY GEARVR : 5760x2880 H265 60fps

HIGH QUALITY GEARVR : 4096x2048 H264 60fps

LOW QUALITY GEARVR : 2880x1440 H264 60fps

HIGH QUALITY PLAYSTATION VR : 2880x1440 H264 60fps

HIGH QUALITY SMARTPHONE : 2160x1080 H264 60fps

LOW QUALITY SMARTPHONE : 1920x960 H264 30fps

If you enjoyed the movie you are welcome to visit www.StripzVR.com for more samples, and hope to see you inside the members area. Thanks a lot for your support ?

Nick - StripzVR.com

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Yep, one of the best sites I've ever reviewed. The producer has great vision and the girls are... outta this world.
Check my StripzVR review here: 


llll➤ Check out our review on the sensual and erotic art VR porn site, StripzVR. Their roster of fresh and HOT models, strip VR porn + FREE...

Totally worth subscribing to!

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